Scott Viczko
  • Well…. what can I say? When it comes to Channel Cat Fishing, Paul Munroe, aka “CatDaddy’ definitely knows his stuff. This guy was amazing, first class service, professional and polite, and just a lot of fun on the water. Not to mention the charity work he does! My son and I drove in from Regina SK, ‘hooked up’ with my son-in-law in Winnipeg, and went out on a Monday morning. We had a blast! I don’t know how many Master Angler cats we caught in the end, we never bothered to count (there were so many), but I do remember a really dark 40” beauty that I landed (a beast) and the cat with a head like a spade that my son Liam caught; a huge fish! Awesome. Definitely worth every penny, and the experience of a lifetime! And like I said before this guy knows his stuff! The bait was very fresh, and he kept us on the fish even given the current and a very strong North wind. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a hard core angler or a novice; ‘CatDaddy’ will deliver as promised. All you have to do is let his wisdom lead you, and you’ll catch the fish!
  • My brother and I spent a memorable day with Paul fishing for Red River cats. It was for us an adventure in extreme fishing. The action was non-stop for the entire day, and the number of trophy size cats caught (and all safely released) too numerous to count. Paul combined patience, confidence, skill and knowledge with much good humour to make our day truly remarkable. His priority was our safety and enjoyment of what we now fully appreciate to be the world class fishery on the Red. Much continued success.
  • This is the second spring Randy and myself have adventured for catfish fishing. The first year was excellent Paul is an very experienced and professional person and guide. We hit it with a boom last year with huge cats many multiples and arm numbing fights. This year was no exception from the bed and breakfast stay to the meet on the docks, it was a great start to the day not to disappoint. I don’t think we fished for 10 mins when the first fish was on. This continued into the afternoon with several multiples and large trophy cats steady,till our arms were sore our backs tired but memories to last, great conversation and friendships built. I don’t think you will find another guide on the water today that will give the experience and the knowledge that Paul possesses. Paul comes with the highest of recommendations from us. A must experience for all to try.
  • Paul Munroe’s Catdaddy fishing business should be recognized far and wide as an incredible opportunity for great adventure for all to enjoy on the Red River!  His thorough knowledge of fishing and competent manner in which he deals with his clients allow all to feel safe and in good hands.  His experience on the Red River is evident as he ensures an excellent sampling of fishing locations. Our most memorable would be the one which demonstrated the current at work on the Red.  Hauling in a big catfish is twice the effort when working against the current!  Even though we were not during peak fishing season, our seven fishermen netted 25 beauties with 30 on and we all caught a master angler!  Again, this is due to the expert abilities of our guide as a fisherman. Paul is also fair in his pricing as he allows children to fish for free.  This makes a big difference if you have a couple along and they still get to fish like the adults… much appreciated. His partnership with the Stewart’s and their Bed and Breakfast is also greatly valued.  What a great place to stay:  lovely people- the Stewart’s, great accommodations, thoughtful amenities provided, llamas to feed and a short walk to the river!  Thanks so much Paul for creating for all us a most memorable experience!
  • Everyone in this life has a few cherished childhood memories. I can honestly say that Paul (Catdaddy) Munroe just helped create one for my 7 year old son. Paul is not only very good at what he does but he also has a way of making people feel comfortable in his boat almost immediately. It was almost comedic to watch my son Ace and Paul interact. Paul had already made a tether that attached to the fishing rod on one end and my son’s lifejacket on the other. My son being all of 50 lbs soon started trying to hog all the action as he called out to Paul “Hook Me Up” whenever a new fish struck. It did not matter that his spindly arms just dragged in a 20 lb cat minutes before…. such was the enthusiasm that only Paul’s Catfishing skills and his way with kids could create. It has been a few days now and we have all relived the experience through our conversations and memories. My son’s eyes sparkle every time he re-tells his fishing experience to anyone who will listen.
  • Paul Munroe rescued a fishing trip for four guys this spring.  Our group was originally slated for a fly- in up North, but the ice was not off, so we scrambled for alternative plans in and around the Winnipeg area. We contacted Paul and I immediately knew we had the guide we wanted.  Paul returned all correspondence, phone calls and emails, almost immediately.  He called and recommended lodging at the Fiddler House B & B.  He thought this would be a better experience for our group of four.  He was more than right. Paul was already going the extra mile to ensure a good trip for us.  When we arrived in Manitoba, we called Paul and he gave us the specifics for two days fishing on the Red.  He picked us up at the B & B.  There is a path right down to the river.  The first day Paul got there early, knocked on our door, introduced himself, told us to take our time and he would be waiting at the river for us. Paul has a great disposition.  He’s a good guy.  He wants you to have a fun experience.  He took us out in his pontoon boat, which was great as this could accommodate the four of us on one boat.  His rods were rigged and ready to go.  He has top of the line equipment, had fresh bait, and if we screwed up with backlashes, poor hook sets, and the like, Paul was more than understanding.  He had an amazingly positive attitude.  He works hard for his customers. The fishing itself was “on fire”.  Our group was not expecting success like we had.  Huge fish and incredible numbers.  It was outrageous.  So many master angler fish.  We kept Paul hopping.  Net fish, take a measurement, snap a photo, release.  The guy did it all.  Really folks book a trip with Paul, you will have a great time!  Paul, we will be coming back to Winnipeg and when we do you will be hearing from us!
  • From the moment we set foot on the boat, until the moment we were safely docked, Paul at CatDaddy was the picture of professionalism and knowledge.  He equips you with everything you require to have an incredible experience. All you need is to bring a camera, and make sure you don’t forget, you will certainly be catching. It would seem regardless of our personal experience, Paul was able to put everyone at ease and provide for an amazing day of sport.  Some  master anglers caught by 2 extremely novice fisherman and a plethora of other fish kept the day and the boat hopping. There’s also something really rewarding about watching your 13 year old daughter get kitty slapped. Fantastic. Adds to the day for sure.  He knows the area, and the water on top of being personable and friendly.  Able to offer insight about the fish you were catching, and the location you were in, it was a steady stream of activity and information that made the day fly by all too soon. I took 2 13 year-olds out for the first time, and it has proved to be the highlight of their summer; and mind.  I highly recommend this service, and look forward to using it for years to come.  Thank you for the fantastic experience and for the memories that will last a life time!
  • I had a dilemma; what to get my Dad who has everything, and my son who wants everything, for Christmas. Then I saw an ad for “Catdaddy Fishing Guide Service”. Dad and I are experienced, avid fishermen and my son is just starting out. From my first email to Paul, to the sad parting handshake at the dock, this was by far the best fishing experience of my life. Being a former fishing guide myself I know that if the guide does his job properly, the guests will have a great day fish or no fish. Well this was a double header; Paul’s knowledge, service and equipment were second to none I have experienced AND we caught so many monster Cat’s that Dads arms were still sore two days later. Never imagined we’d be landing “double header” master Cats, and actually it could have been a triple if the rookie didn’t lose his. If Paul had any fault it was only that he couldn’t affect the weather as it was 2 degrees when we left the dock. But even then, he took extra effort to ensure our comfort. For an experience of a lifetime call “Catdaddy”. See you in the fall for walleye!
  • I have been fishing with a professional fishing guide service called Cat Daddy. We have had some really good times, and caught some BIG fish this year, as well as last. He specializes in channel cat fishing and gives one hell of a tour. AWESOME is the only way to describe my time spent on the water with CATDADDY! After meeting Paul at the docks, it quickly became apparent that this is a professional outfit.  Everything I needed for a great day on the water from the moment we left was covered. Bait, rods, life jackets, and all that I needed to fish safely were there. All I needed was my camera. All equipment was first rate, and there was not a glitch the whole day. Nothing was left to chance. Fishing should be called catching with Cat Daddy. I landed over 27 catfish in 5 hours with many master anglers. I literally could not lift my last few fish for pictures, because my arms were shaking so badly. When I tell people about my tour, they don't believe that I caught that many in a single day, but after showing them the pictures their doubts quickly disappear. The fish as well as I were all treated with respect. Paul shared with me some of his vast knowledge about cats feeding habits, different colors, cycles etc. I learned not just about catching cats, but how to handle, and release them properly. I don't know of another Professional fishing service that actually takes the time to explain to you the secrets of Cat fishing. I would recommend Cat daddy to anyone, young or old, skilled or not.
  • I thought I would send in a testimonial for you on the awesome fishing trip that I did with Darren and Mark back in the fall. I was invited to go with a couple of friends at the last minute to go CatFishing. I have heard so much about this catfishing, I have done some walleye and a bit of trout and Pike fishing, but nothing and I mean nothing had prepared me for this trip. We left fairly early in the morning, not much complaining from anyone in the van as we all had huge cats on our minds. We got to the Dock about 7:30 AM and Paul was at the dock waiting for us to show up. Pro or what, in the water and waiting, (I like it already Paul is thinking about his clients). We all get in his nice and clean boat all set for CatFishing. Once we were close he indicated that we had to pickup some fresh bait so we anchored along side the shore looking for some Goldeye. We caught a lot in a very short time. We put them on ice and headed for the deep turbulent waters. We threw out the anchor and within a very short time, Paul hands me a rod and says get er set. I set the hook deep and hard and hung on, I was laughing and whooting it up, as I have never caught something so big and fight so hard then this Cat that Paul had put me on. I brought this fish in about 10 mins or so and I will tell you I was smiling the whole time, I have never felt so good catching a fish I was so happy and excited. What an experience. Just as I get that fish back into the water, Paul is handing me another rod, and this went on all afternoon. My arms were so sore from reeling these fish in I could not believe it, Paul has made me love Catfishing I will be back again next year. Thanks Paul, I had a blast and have got memories for the rest of my life and some pretty good kitty slap videos to prove it. Cheers,
  • When Paul took my Father and I out for a full day of  Catfishing, it was the most amazing experience of my outdoor life. The spots that we were able to get into to get the Big ones were shocking. 15 mins a fight for each fish to start the day was crazy. There was nothing more amazing than pulling a monster fighting, 30lb catfish into the boat and holding it up for all to see. He is knowledgeable and skilled, there is no doubt that anyone going with him will have the time of their life. I will be back this year for sure Catdaddy.
  • For my dad's 70th birthday, I wanted to do something special. We had both talked about doing a cat fishing trip for years and just never committed, so I made the decision to book it. I decided on a guided day trip with Cat Daddy - we heard rumors that he was a good guide. Well ... the rumors are true. Paul Munroe knows what he's doing when it comes to guiding for catfish on the Red River. It took less than 5 minutes before my dad was hooked into his first fish. The day turned out to be like a dream ... we were hooking into cats at least every 15 minutes or less. My dad boated 2 tagged catfish and I boated 1. We stopped for a while just to catch some Goldeye and my dad even caught a nice crappie! The action was AWESOME, the fight exhilarating and the company relaxing. Paul is a super friendly guy who appreciates fishing as much as we do. When it was all said and done, we had boated around 50 cats, only a couple of which were under 20lbs. Our best was a 38 pounder that came right at the end of the day. We felt like kids catching fish for the first time again. It was awesome to share this with my dad, who has said several times since that "in 70 years this was the best present EVER!". Thanks, Paul for taking us out. We'll see you again!
    Scott Viczko