February 28, 2016
February 28, 2016


I have been fishing with a professional fishing guide service called Cat Daddy. We have had some really good times, and caught some BIG fish this year, as well as last. He specializes in channel cat fishing and gives one hell of a tour.

AWESOME is the only way to describe my time spent on the water with CATDADDY! After meeting Paul at the docks, it quickly became apparent that this is a professional outfit.  Everything I needed for a great day on the water from the moment we left was covered. Bait, rods, life jackets, and all that I needed to fish safely were there. All I needed was my camera. All equipment was first rate, and there was not a glitch the whole day. Nothing was left to chance.

Fishing should be called catching with Cat Daddy. I landed over 27 catfish in 5 hours with many master anglers. I literally could not lift my last few fish for pictures, because my arms were shaking so badly. When I tell people about my tour, they don’t believe that I caught that many in a single day, but after showing them the pictures their doubts quickly disappear.

The fish as well as I were all treated with respect. Paul shared with me some of his vast knowledge about cats feeding habits, different colors, cycles etc. I learned not just about catching cats, but how to handle, and release them properly. I don’t know of another Professional fishing service that actually takes the time to explain to you the secrets of Cat fishing. I would recommend Cat daddy to anyone, young or old, skilled or not.