Kelly Miller
February 28, 2016
February 28, 2016

Chris Yannelli

Paul Munroe rescued a fishing trip for four guys this spring.  Our group was originally slated for a fly- in up North, but the ice was not off, so we scrambled for alternative plans in and around the Winnipeg area.

We contacted Paul and I immediately knew we had the guide we wanted.  Paul returned all correspondence, phone calls and emails, almost immediately.  He called and recommended lodging at the Fiddler House B & B.  He thought this would be a better experience for our group of four.  He was more than right.

Paul was already going the extra mile to ensure a good trip for us.  When we arrived in Manitoba, we called Paul and he gave us the specifics for two days fishing on the Red.  He picked us up at the B & B.  There is a path right down to the river.  The first day Paul got there early, knocked on our door, introduced himself, told us to take our time and he would be waiting at the river for us.

Paul has a great disposition.  He’s a good guy.  He wants you to have a fun experience.  He took us out in his pontoon boat, which was great as this could accommodate the four of us on one boat.  His rods were rigged and ready to go.  He has top of the line equipment, had fresh bait, and if we screwed up with backlashes, poor hook sets, and the like, Paul was more than understanding.  He had an amazingly positive attitude.  He works hard for his customers.

The fishing itself was “on fire”.  Our group was not expecting success like we had.  Huge fish and incredible numbers.  It was outrageous.  So many master angler fish.  We kept Paul hopping.  Net fish, take a measurement, snap a photo, release.  The guy did it all.  Really folks book a trip with Paul, you will have a great time!  Paul, we will be coming back to Winnipeg and when we do you will be hearing from us!