February 28, 2016
Jim Meek
February 28, 2016


I thought I would send in a testimonial for you on the awesome fishing trip that I did with Darren and Mark back in the fall.

I was invited to go with a couple of friends at the last minute to go CatFishing. I have heard so much about this catfishing, I have done some walleye and a bit of trout and Pike fishing, but nothing and I mean nothing had prepared me for this trip.

We left fairly early in the morning, not much complaining from anyone in the van as we all had huge cats on our minds. We got to the Dock about 7:30 AM and Paul was at the dock waiting for us to show up. Pro or what, in the water and waiting, (I like it already Paul is thinking about his clients). We all get in his nice and clean boat all set for CatFishing. Once we were close he indicated that we had to pickup some fresh bait so we anchored along side the shore looking for some Goldeye. We caught a lot in a very short time. We put them on ice and headed for the deep turbulent waters. We threw out the anchor and within a very short time, Paul hands me a rod and says get er set. I set the hook deep and hard and hung on, I was laughing and whooting it up, as I have never caught something so big and fight so hard then this Cat that Paul had put me on.

I brought this fish in about 10 mins or so and I will tell you I was smiling the whole time, I have never felt so good catching a fish I was so happy and excited. What an experience. Just as I get that fish back into the water, Paul is handing me another rod, and this went on all afternoon. My arms were so sore from reeling these fish in I could not believe it, Paul has made me love Catfishing I will be back again next year. Thanks Paul, I had a blast and have got memories for the rest of my life and some pretty good kitty slap videos to prove it. Cheers,