Don and Ed Rasmussen
February 28, 2016

Joe Miller (Regina)

Well…. what can I say? When it comes to Channel Cat Fishing, Paul Munroe, aka “CatDaddy’ definitely knows his stuff. This guy was amazing, first class service, professional and polite, and just a lot of fun on the water. Not to mention the charity work he does!

My son and I drove in from Regina SK, ‘hooked up’ with my son-in-law in Winnipeg, and went out on a Monday morning. We had a blast!

I don’t know how many Master Angler cats we caught in the end, we never bothered to count (there were so many), but I do remember a really dark 40” beauty that I landed (a beast) and the cat with a head like a spade that my son Liam caught; a huge fish! Awesome.

Definitely worth every penny, and the experience of a lifetime! And like I said before this guy knows his stuff! The bait was very fresh, and he kept us on the fish even given the current and a very strong North wind. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a hard core angler or a novice; ‘CatDaddy’ will deliver as promised. All you have to do is let his wisdom lead you, and you’ll catch the fish!