February 28, 2016
Chris Yannelli
February 28, 2016

Kelly Miller

Everyone in this life has a few cherished childhood memories. I can honestly say that Paul (Catdaddy) Munroe just helped create one for my 7 year old son.

Paul is not only very good at what he does but he also has a way of making people feel comfortable in his boat almost immediately. It was almost comedic to watch my son Ace and Paul interact. Paul had already made a tether that attached to the fishing rod on one end and my son’s lifejacket on the other. My son being all of 50 lbs soon started trying to hog all the action as he called out to Paul “Hook Me Up” whenever a new fish struck. It did not matter that his spindly arms just dragged in a 20 lb cat minutes before…. such was the enthusiasm that only Paul’s Catfishing skills and his way with kids could create.

It has been a few days now and we have all relived the experience through our conversations and memories. My son’s eyes sparkle every time he re-tells his fishing experience to anyone who will listen.