Chris Yannelli
February 28, 2016
February 28, 2016


From the moment we set foot on the boat, until the moment we were safely docked, Paul at CatDaddy was the picture of professionalism and knowledge.  He equips you with everything you require to have an incredible experience. All you need is to bring a camera, and make sure you don’t forget, you will certainly be catching.

It would seem regardless of our personal experience, Paul was able to put everyone at ease and provide for an amazing day of sport.  Some  master anglers caught by 2 extremely novice fisherman and a plethora of other fish kept the day and the boat hopping.

There’s also something really rewarding about watching your 13 year old daughter get kitty slapped. Fantastic. Adds to the day for sure.  He knows the area, and the water on top of being personable and friendly.  Able to offer insight about the fish you were catching, and the location you were in, it was a steady stream of activity and information that made the day fly by all too soon.

I took 2 13 year-olds out for the first time, and it has proved to be the highlight of their summer; and mind.  I highly recommend this service, and look forward to using it for years to come.  Thank you for the fantastic experience and for the memories that will last a life time!