Our Location

Located in Lockport, Manitoba and operating from Selkirk, Manitoba, “CatDaddy” Paul Munroe will guide anglers to superb Channel Catfish fishing on the historic lower Red River.

We are just a few miles north of Winnipeg, and easily accessible by road.

Trophy Channel Catfish are caught daily throughout the spring, summer and early fall. Trophy Freshwater Drum are also caught in the early part of the season.

There is nothing more exciting than a great day of cat fishing. Catfish hit hard and will double a rod over in the blink of an eye. The sound of bait clickers screaming and the site of a big catfish thrashing on the surface on the Red River water will get anyone’s adrenaline pumping. You will know your connected to a channel cat when the rod pumps, then doubles over and begins peeling drag in the rod holder.

CatDaddy will generally use the Selkirk Park boat launch, detailed instructions will be provided to booking parties.

Walleye on Lake Winnipeg or Traverse Bay, and Walleye or Bass on Lake of the Woods are also available.

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